Leader In Custom HMMWV Builds, Used H1 Trucks And Accessories

My name is Blair Outlan. I build and refurb HMMWVs for civilians as well as defense companies. These companies include: General Dynamics, Boeing, BAE, Mustang, Tier 1, DARC, and many more. My company has been buying, building and selling H1 Hummers and HMMWVs since 1996 and I was the product manager for a Hummer dealership back in the mid 90’s (when Hummers were Hummers).

I’m extremely knowledgeable about the HMMWV as well as the civilian H1. It’s my life and my passion. I have been in the Hummer (H1) business for over 17 years. Having owned over 600 H1’s in my Hummer career I’m definitely an expert on the H1. I’ll be selling, buying and driving these beasts until I the day I die.

I’m different than a salesman at a dealership. I can afford these vehicles, drive them everyday, and if you’ll let me, I’ll buy it back when you want to trade up. I’ll still be selling these trucks many years from now.

I price these units to sell. I’m not asking some silly retail price. I have low overhead and live simple.

If you have any questions about years models etc., don’t hesitate to call. If you’re looking to buy an H1 chances are I know it. Yes that’s quite a statement, but it’s true.

You can call me anytime (within reason). You don’t get some switch board or multiple salesmen, or someone at some dealership with a huge rate of turnover, no. You get me. And I’ll continue to buy and sell H1’s many years from now. It’s my life and passion.

Have a H1 your trying to sell? Call me I’ll give you an honest number on what it’s worth.

Just a side note, do you really want to buy a truck from someone that speaks broken English so bad you’re not sure what you agreed to? Do you really want to buy from someone that exports most of their trucks to foreign countries? Do you want to buy a truck from someone that gets dancers to stand beside their trucks? Do you want to buy a truck from someone with horrible pictures that hide all the trucks imperfections? Do you want to buy a truck from some sales person that knows nothing about the H1?

If you said yes to any of these go out on the web and pick from them, they’re all there! Do you think they’re going to be selling H1s in ten years? If you do you’ve got faith. One thing’s for sure, I’ll still be here buying and selling H1s. I’ve been doing it since 1995. Me, Blair Outlan the H1 guy. And yes I’ll be there to help you out when you need something.

Questions? Give me a call—Blair Outlan 901-378-8877 blair@usedh1.com